October 4, 2013

Inaugural post

Just another blog

Why, for christ sake?
Well, number of reasons:

1. I don’t like to go into lenghty LinkedIn discussions anymore. They wear me out, the argument gets heated, and you’re more responding to others then making a sound case for your own believes.
2. Twitter doesn’t say it all. There’s only so much one can do with 140 characters. I get into a lot of discussions that usually end up with semi-stenographic sentences because they’re 8 participants and there handles take up 100 of the available characters. So I wanted a place to expand on topics.
3. Revitforum.org, “my” other blog (which technically isn’t mine but currently I’m the only one writing for it), is meant for, well, Revit-related topics. And I find myself expanding my horizon so I need another place to write.
4. I do have a company blog. But it’s in Dutch. And since I’m based in Holland, I like to keep it that way. But most of the things that do trigger me are written in English.

So there you have it. Even though I’m all over the interweb, I still don’t have a place to mesmorise and write lengthy pieces about random AEC-related topics that nobody gives a crap about. Thus a new blog is born.

What’s in a name?

I don’t really think there’s another funny, witty or surprising play of words when it comes to blogging about BIM or the AEC industry in general. My good friend Julien Benoit basically snatched the last one with his new blog AEC, you and me (http://aecuandme.wordpress.com/). Which, btw, is a must-follow for everyone taking any interest in the C-part of the AEC realm. Because that man surely knows what he’s talking about.

For me, I’m just going to stick with what I know: mdradvies.blogspot.com. Can’t make it any easier then that.

First up: some thoughts about a twitter discussion I had earlier today. Do we want IFC to be an authoring tool? Do we want to have IFC content?


  1. I totally agree on your first point :P. Your blog is added to my feedly (rss reader)

  2. Looking forward to your observations and ideas.

    1. Will try to not disappoint you ;-)
      It was great meeting at RTC by the way!

  3. Martijn,
    I guess welcome is the blogsphere!? Look forward to seeing your perspective on Revit and other things. I do agree with you on the reason of commenting on linkedin.

    1. You know that's the comment I heard the most? Really struck a nerve there I guess...

  4. Do we want IFC content? Is there another, more information rich file format for representing building objects that I haven't heard about? Of course it would be great if every new BIM modelling could author content readable to every product from Tekla, Autodesk, Nementjek, Trimble etc. But isn't IFC as close as we're likely to get for now?

    1. Hi Duncan,

      No, probably not. But that's not really my point.
      My point is: why do we care about getting always inclomplete and always outdated component libraries (in whatever format) if we have the knowledge and technical capabilities to create components when we need them? Based on continuously updated (online) databases?

      Why bother to create content that you beforehand know will be useless to the majority of users just because they "don't model like that"?

      IF we can come to some sort of agreement on how manufacturers deliver there data, both geometric and non-geometric, this data can be used throughout every current BIM software to create native components. I know, that's a big "IF", but I really think this would be cheaper and easier then getting all manufacturers to produce consistent, good content. For IFC, rvt or any other format.